I use game faqs a lot. Some of you may consider me a noob or an impatient gamer for doing so but honestly, I don’t really understand why you have to make a moral issue out of something as enjoyable as gaming. If you want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out where that special item is in the game or how to figure out the best way to solve that puzzle is, go ahead. You will definitely feel extremely satisfied and proud that you’ve done it all by yourself without any help. But me, screw it, I’m turning to the faqs.
Now, I don’t use faqs for every little thing but I will admit that I use them quite frequently. Gamefaqs.com is bookmarked on my browser for a reason. I used it to find hard-to-find treasures for Uncharted and I used it to make the best alchemy pot items on Dragon Quest VIII. I’ve used it to find out where the espers were located in FFXII and also to know how to beat them. Yeah, I use them a lot, but I really only use them when I need them. But if I need them, I won’t hesitate; I’ll use them.

I just really appreciate the fact that someone out there has beaten the game or has bought an official strategy guide and has wrote all that down and made his/her strategy available to me totally free of charge. That’s some dedication right there folks and I’m just really thankful. Is it a gaming sin to use them? Maybe to some of you it is but if you ask me, it just ensures me that my gaming experience is an enjoyable one, instead of a frustrating one. And these faqs are actually really really helpful. Even when I have beaten a game without using a faq, I will sometimes replay that game with a faq and I will discover awesome things. I learned about the trick to beating Vamp in MGS2 in European Extreme difficulty through a faq. I mean, I’ve don that without using a faq but with the faq, I’ve learned a way to stamina-kill Vamp within 3 minutes in European Extreme without using a ration by using the faq. Maybe some of you would have figured that out without using it sure, but I myself am not gonna spend THAT much time on a game to do that.

I think that as long as you’re not depending on the faq like 70-100% of the time, using a faq is okay and shouldn’t label someone as a “noob.” And for those extra collectible items and secrets, while it indeed is much more satisfying to find them on your own, I don’t think using a faq destroys the fun. It’s like using a guide map to get to your ultimate destination. It’s just a tool and it’s very helpful and often times, the game is still enjoyable. Or at least, I think so. I don’t know, do some of you lose enjoyment on a game if you use a faq to figure something out? Is using a faq a sin in the gaming world?

I’m actually in favor of more faqs and more faqs websites. Gamefaqs.com is great in content but its interface is pretty awful. To get to certain parts of a certain faq, I have to use the “find” function of my web browser and that’s rather annoying. I’d love to be able to go to the table of contents and just click onto the location and automatically go there. A faq ratings systems would be cool too since I have no idea beforehand which faq is worth my time and which faq is done very poorly. It would also be cool to know which faq has spoilers and which don’t. There are a lot of things gamefaqs.com needs to improve on and unfortunately, it’s the only site I can go to for a lot of the games I play since some games I play are too outdated to be in any other faq site. I love gamefaqs.com because its amount of content but I really do wish its interface can be improved a lot more. And they need to think of some better poll questions, although some are really interesting.

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