An overview on the game growtopia

Nowadays a lot of creative games have come into the market for the best convenient devices that are the mobiles. Growtopia is a famous game which has been built by combining the efforts of the robot Wants whose developer is Dungeon scroll and Hamumu and their creator is Robinson Technologies. This game will be free of the complexities which people mainly find in the other creative games. Here the player will be provided with all the equipment in order to decorate a little world with the mobile phone.

Things to know about growtopia

Growtopia game has been built on the plan of splicing and planting the seeds by collecting gems and then building a proper world for yourself and for the inhabitants like your friends. One can use the arrows provided on the screen for moving or jumping on the landscape with the sidescrolling. You can easily move the inventory when you will be sliding down or up the tabs present in the bottom center of your screen. You will have to type on the item and select the field where you want to play or use it. You can easily gather or destroy the things if you use the famous almighty punch. This is a kind of ability that enables a person to easily select the fist by tapping on the nearby areas which are appearing on the screen. So once you start playing the game by running around or digging you will feel as if you are a professional player.

If you really want to score well in this game you will need to involve yourself in digging the soil or dirt as well as the gems. Whenever you will be able to gather at least a dozen or two dozens of gems you can easily go to the shop for purchasing a new package of any random seeds. Seeds in this game will grow into mature trees which will take a huge time. So it will take a long time to reach the harvesting period. These seeds will come with its variable scores that will range from 1 to 100. You can easily score 1 by collecting the dirt whereas you can score 100 when you will collect the metaphorical Holy Grail. You can easily combine the seeds by mixing them with the planted crops which are fresh but it is not necessary that all the combinations will work effectively.

It is quite difficult to get the gems in this game. You will have to spend the gems if you want to get new seeds. In this game, you will feel that the items and gems will be a very slow process. All you need is a good patience from the starting to the ending of the game.

You can also use some Growtopia Hacks from websites such as thatgamehack for gaining these gems or other items. Make sure that you are strategizing everything properly before you are buying or performing any action.

The weapons of Free fire battlegrounds

There are many battle games and Free fire battlegrounds in one among them. It is a very intense game and tests the survival skill of a person in a situation.

About the game:

The game is pretty simple. If you are the player, you will be stranded on the island along with fifty other people. A jet carrying the characters will drop the people with a parachute. You can choose where to begin the game from. It is better to start off from a place which is lowly populated so that the chances of you being hit are less. You will need to collect weapons and armors from the battlefield and fight with the opponents as and when the chance is good. Your attack tactics have to be good enough for choosing the correct weapons for making a shoot. The weapons will be available commonly in the battleground. Some are too expertise weapon so not available all the time while you are in a search.

The different types of weapon in the game:

Shotgun: they are used for nearby shots. It kills the enemy at once. It is commonly available.

Pistol: it is good for a close range and is very commonly found in the battleground. It does not depend on the user’s ability to use the weapon.

Assault Rifle: it is needs skills to use. The ammo is not commonly available. It is good for a long distance shot. It causes great damage and lethal.

Sniper Rifle: it takes a lot of time to reload. It is not very commonly available. Good for a long distance shot. It causes a lot of damage.

Submachine gun: they are good when one begins to play the game. They do not need any extra skill and is very stable. The ammo is easily available. It cannot be used for long distance shots.

Grenade: this is the best weapon. If there are a group of people, you can just throw the grenade and kill all your enemies.

Skins: these do no provide a competitive advantage but they do give you a unique look, I wanted a good skin so I cheated free fire battlegrounds since otherwise you’ll have to buy the diamonds.

You can also get the weapons as a form of loot. After killing your enemy, you can take his armor and weapons and increase your survival chances. The shield and pans in the game protected from enemy attack. You must have the map to keep a check on the area you must avoid or areas you must go. The safe zones are marked in white if you want to take rest.

Top Five Playstation 2 Games of the Summer

The Playstation 2 is on its unprecedented ninth year of its lifespan with no sings of slowing down. In fact, the system is performing as well as ever before with a recent price drop to $99.99. New Playstation 2 users have plenty to look forward to with an unmatched collection of older titles in addition to some solid new releases over this summer. Here are the top five upcoming summer games on the Playstation 2.
5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Publisher: Activision, Developer: Krome Studios, Release Date: June 15, ESRB Rating: T
One of the summer’s blockbuster movies is getting a video game. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will let you play as Autobots and the Decepticons in a non-linear, open world structure. Furthermore, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen includes multiplayer for those looking for more mayhem after going through the story. Fans of the upcoming movie have plenty to get excited for in the official Playstation 2 game.

4. The Bigs 2
Publisher: 2K Sports, Developer: Blue Castle Games, Release Date: July 7, ESRB Rating: E 10+
The arcade baseball game returns with a vengeance this summer on the Playstation 2. The Bigs 2 allows you to play the full 162 games in the regular season. Not to mention that the batting and fielding has been enhanced from the predecessor. Overall, The Bigs 2 is a big improvement over a game that was already incredibly fun. Make sure you don’t overlook this hidden gem in the summer.

3. Madden NFL 2010
Publisher: EA Sports, Developer: EA Tiburon, Release Date: August 14, ESRB Rating: RP
One series that has always been with the Playstation 2 from the start is Madden NFL. The latest game in the long-running series brings a couple of new addition including the ability to gang up and tackle the opponent in addition to the inclusion of the Wildcat offense that skyrocketed in popularity in the prior NFL season. Madden NFL 2010 is the best sports game in the summer for the Playstation 2.

2. Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy
Publisher: NIS America, Developer: Gust, Release Date: August, ESRB Rating: E 10+
The Playstation 2 is home to some of the best role-playing games ever. Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy hopes it can impress many RPG fans when it comes out this summer. New players can expect a game based on alchemy where you must use that ability to create items, armors and weapons. With the addition of a unique battle system, Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy looks like the preferred RPG on the Playstation 2 in the summer.

1. GrandTheftAutoLibertyCity Stories/Vice City Stories Bundle
Publisher: Take 2 Interactive, Developer: Rockstar Games, Release Date: June 23, ESRB Rating: M
The Grand Theft Auto III trilogy contains some of the best games in recent years. Two of spin-off titles were released on the PSP first and later ported to the Playstation 2.Because it was released later in the Playstation 2’s lifespan, some may have missed it. Fortunately, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories are coming soon in one bundle. For just $29.99, you won’t find a better value this summer on the Playstation 2.

An Easy Hay Day Tip

When you are playing Hay Day, you would find that there are a bunch of different ways for you to sell your goods. One really popular Hay Day hack is for you to sell goods is by inviting visitors to your farm. These visitors would be getting face to face interactions with you which would make customer service a great deal easier than would have been the case otherwise, but at the same time you need to realize that there are actually quite a few disadvantages associated with playing the game, a lot of which would be tough to deny if you are playing the game the way it should be played.

While a lot of people are probably going to recommend to you that the Hay Day Cheats should be implemented as much as possible, it is important to note that a lot of these visitors are actually going to be bad for you because of the fact that they would not be willing to give you the rates you deserve for the crops you are selling. These rates are what you need to sell at in order to maximize your profit margin and make it so that you would have plenty of money to invest back in your farm, but at the same time they are quite high so if you give your potential buyers a face to face interaction they would use it to their advantage and try to convince you to bring your prices down by bargaining.

How This Hay Day Hack Can Help

Since you are not going to want to lose a sale that is done and dusted and just needs a little bit of fine tuning in order to be fully completed, you are probably going to end up allowing these visitors to buy your products for a far lower price than you would have otherwise offered. While in the moment you might feel accomplished because you just completed a sale, at the same time you should realize that in the long run the lower profits from these sales are going to result a net loss for you overall because of the fact that you would not have quite as much money as you would have like to reinvest in your farm and make it bigger and better than it had ever been before.

Hence, it is highly recommended that you don’t allow visitors to come to your farm. A common misconception is that this would ruin your image in the market, and people turn to a Hay Day hack in order to make the game easier instead. While it is true that initially you should allow visitors on your farm, it is also true that once you get experienced enough you would be able to say no to visitors all the time without it impacting your overall appearance in the market. People won’t care simply because of the fact that you have so much more that you are offering to them!

If you are worried about the revenue you are getting and feel like you are not quite earning as much as you need to, you can implement another Hay Day Hack here and there to help you make the most of your earnings. Try keeping seeds with you rather than using them all at once. This Hay Day hack will help you out simply because of the fact that you would not have to buy new seeds every so often, but would instead be able to use the seeds that you already have in your possession.

Beneficial Details Regarding Simcity Buildit

The new generation always wants some interesting sources to spend their free time. You can easily find the perfect ways but the best thing which improves your skills and make you knowledgeable is one and only games. Games are the best time killer and the best game for which people are more interested is yoursimcityhack. You can’t able to ignore such game while you are going for selecting the game for you. it is one of the games which help you to develop your skills and knowledge. The important thing which matters a lot in playing such game is the currency of the game which is of mainly two types, one is Simoleons and other one is Simcash.

Inside information about Simcity Buildit

When we talk about the Simcity Buildit, it is an awesome game which is loved by most of the people. Some people take their steps back due to the lack of the knowledge about the game. Here you can find the better information regarding this game by which you are able to perform at your best level. The first and the foremost thing which you need in this game are to make your own city. The task of such game for which you want to work is to trade the resources with your neighbor ones which you create before. In such game, you can do many of the interesting things which the game allows you to do. Here are many of the activities like the users have to cargo ships from the airport, summon the UFOs and much more interesting activities.  In your city, you want to satisfy the needs of the citizens living in your city for which you have to maintain the building and departments to fulfill their needs.

Nintendo Mario Cart for the Wii

With all of the games that are on the market now it is hard to know what the best ones are. Mario Cart is the greatest game available for the Nintendo Wii. This game offers fun for anyone of any age.
Requirement to make the game easier is the steering wheel. This is necessary for the full gaming experience. The wheels can be easily obtained at any place that sells the game. Some of the games come in packages that include one to two of the gaming wheels.

The game can be played with multiple players. Up to four players can race against each other at one time. The screen splits into four equal sections for ultimate game playing. For two players the screen splits into two equal parts.

Games can be played online with a wireless connection. You can race against millions of players all over the world. You can do solo races, or team races.

There is a variety of character and cars that can be chosen to use when racing. Once you place first in several races a trophy is rewarded. The more trophies earned the better chance of unlocking more courses.

While in the coarse there are a number of different pieces that can picked up and used against other player. Use all of these that you can they will help you go faster, run over other, and win the game.

There are also a number of new character including dry bones and toadette that can be easily unlocked. Placing in the top 3 of any circuit will allow other characters and courses to be unlocked. There are also a number of different motorcycles and unique vehicles that can also be unlocked.

It also has training courses that will allow you to practice your driving skills. There are several different levels of difficulty that can be played.

The great graphics and realistic racing modes of this game are sure to please. Nintendo Mario Cart Wii offers gamers with a fun and exciting gaming experience the whole family will enjoy.

Am I a Noob for Using Gamefaqs?

I use game faqs a lot. Some of you may consider me a noob or an impatient gamer for doing so but honestly, I don’t really understand why you have to make a moral issue out of something as enjoyable as gaming. If you want to spend hours and hours trying to figure out where that special item is in the game or how to figure out the best way to solve that puzzle is, go ahead. You will definitely feel extremely satisfied and proud that you’ve done it all by yourself without any help. But me, screw it, I’m turning to the faqs.
Now, I don’t use faqs for every little thing but I will admit that I use them quite frequently. is bookmarked on my browser for a reason. I used it to find hard-to-find treasures for Uncharted and I used it to make the best alchemy pot items on Dragon Quest VIII. I’ve used it to find out where the espers were located in FFXII and also to know how to beat them. Yeah, I use them a lot, but I really only use them when I need them. But if I need them, I won’t hesitate; I’ll use them.

I just really appreciate the fact that someone out there has beaten the game or has bought an official strategy guide and has wrote all that down and made his/her strategy available to me totally free of charge. That’s some dedication right there folks and I’m just really thankful. Is it a gaming sin to use them? Maybe to some of you it is but if you ask me, it just ensures me that my gaming experience is an enjoyable one, instead of a frustrating one. And these faqs are actually really really helpful. Even when I have beaten a game without using a faq, I will sometimes replay that game with a faq and I will discover awesome things. I learned about the trick to beating Vamp in MGS2 in European Extreme difficulty through a faq. I mean, I’ve don that without using a faq but with the faq, I’ve learned a way to stamina-kill Vamp within 3 minutes in European Extreme without using a ration by using the faq. Maybe some of you would have figured that out without using it sure, but I myself am not gonna spend THAT much time on a game to do that.

I think that as long as you’re not depending on the faq like 70-100% of the time, using a faq is okay and shouldn’t label someone as a “noob.” And for those extra collectible items and secrets, while it indeed is much more satisfying to find them on your own, I don’t think using a faq destroys the fun. It’s like using a guide map to get to your ultimate destination. It’s just a tool and it’s very helpful and often times, the game is still enjoyable. Or at least, I think so. I don’t know, do some of you lose enjoyment on a game if you use a faq to figure something out? Is using a faq a sin in the gaming world?

I’m actually in favor of more faqs and more faqs websites. is great in content but its interface is pretty awful. To get to certain parts of a certain faq, I have to use the “find” function of my web browser and that’s rather annoying. I’d love to be able to go to the table of contents and just click onto the location and automatically go there. A faq ratings systems would be cool too since I have no idea beforehand which faq is worth my time and which faq is done very poorly. It would also be cool to know which faq has spoilers and which don’t. There are a lot of things needs to improve on and unfortunately, it’s the only site I can go to for a lot of the games I play since some games I play are too outdated to be in any other faq site. I love because its amount of content but I really do wish its interface can be improved a lot more. And they need to think of some better poll questions, although some are really interesting.

Bullet Force Will Challenge you

About bullet force game

Bullet force is one of the most popular upcoming first person shooter games. The specialty of bullet force is offering an amazing multiplayer experience for all the players. When you begin to play this game, you have to prepare for your arms as well as get ready with your weapons. You can also get an opportunity to grab your friends that really brings a true war like experience for everyone. When you are playing this game, you need to choose from over six weapons and also drive the vehicles like a military tank and a MRAP. Moreover, this game also provides a complete choice with fully customizable load outs that allow you to develop the extreme level soldier.

The great thing about this bullet force game is offering a full single player campaign along with the single player game modes. When compared to previous versions, the current version of this game is including a lot of most exciting features such as a lot of guns, content, polished game play and possibly several numbers of maps. When you wish to play in the multiplayer mode, you are able to add more game modes in your game. This bullet force game also has several different game modes, weapons and gun attachments that are completely free for all.

Great features of bullet force

The bullet force is compatible to work on the operating system windows XP. It requires minimum of 2 GB RAM and a storage space of 1 GB available. To play this game, your system must have an Intel core i3 processor and AMD Radeon 6670 graphics card. Presently, this game is readily available online to play, so you no need to wait for a long. Rather you can simply make use of a game on your own device. Whenever you play this amazing bullet force game, you will definitely enjoy the following great features that include:

  • Vehicles
  • Satisfying gun play
  • Single player campaign
  • Single player team-death match mode
  • Online multi player with custom matches and bullet force hack android available on the internet
  • Customizable load out (several weapons along with camos and attachments)

Enjoy the current version of bullet force

Basically, there are two different types of single player modes available on this game such as campaign and skirmish. Based on your interest, you can choose any single player mode and enjoy the game play on your own device. This game also greatly supports the social media site, so you can also access via the Face book page.

How are Buildings Protected by Clash of Clans Builder Plans?

Clash of clans is a game that has a lot of focus on planning and execution of strategies and it is one of the most important aspects of the game to have a good builder plan to secure your base and to destroy the enemy units that will come to attack your base. There will be a lot of clash of clans builder plans that are available online from that you can copy the plan or you can draw up your own building plan.

Clash of clans builder plan:

There will be a lot of things that will have to be considered when creating the base for your clan and this base is the most important part of this game as it will protect your resources and also help you to maintain a high trophy count. The base is not defensive in nature and it will form the lifeline for your troops that is required to attack enemy clans and to eliminate them. There are few basics that will consider while planning the base plan.

How are buildings protected by walls?

There are few buildings that have to be protected by walls and few are left outside the walls. The buildings that have to be outside are builders huts, spell factory, laboratory and also in some cases gold mines and elixir collectors. If the gold mines and elixir collectors are of high levels then you have to consider having them inside walls. Walls can protect buildings and can also slow the opponents and have to be used strategically. You should not leave the gaps in the walls as enemies can enter through them and never use a single cell to protect all your buildings. The best resource in this game is gems, if you want to get a lot of these then you need to use coc hack gems which is hard to come by, but you’ll find them if you try hard enough.

Making the base as compact as possible is a good option as it will allow you to have a better defense in place. There will be two types of plans that are commonly used and one is the defensive base and then other is the farming base. The type of base plan used will differ based on the strategy that is used by the player in the game.

The most commonly used plan is the defensive base plan. There are a lot of changes that can be done to the clash of clans builder plans that will be available on the internet to suit the strategy of the player.

Clash Royale: Find the best way to attain resources

Since the emergence of the smartphone, people are able to do many things in the hassle free manner. They have started to use smartphone to do the things that they were doing in computers. Though there are plenty of options in the smartphone, most of the people in the present days are using it as a gaming device. The smartphones which are being launched in these days area having the options to play excellent games therefore the individuals do not have to spend money and purchase specialized gaming devices. They can simply download and play the games easily in their smartphone.

However, when it comes to games which are especially designed for smartphone, some of the games will be very popular and Clash Royale is one among them. Today many people are being addicted to this game and they use to spend most of their time by playing this game. The individuals who have no idea about this game may wonder what makes people addicted to this game. Generally people will prefer the games if they are having interesting gameplay and features. In that aspect, clash royale is having excellent gameplay hence the individuals who are playing this game will have better entertainment without any doubt.

The main objective of the player in this game is to capture and win the opponent’s tower. As this is a multiplayer game, the individuals will have to fight against many players. This will be an interesting factor in this game. Instead of playing with the computer, the individuals are able to compete with the real players therefore they are able to have utmost excitement. First of all, you need to form an army with many characters and then you will have to train them in order to make them stronger to fight.

Once they are well trained, you will have to take the individuals to the battle field and make them fight. Meanwhile you should collect the important resources available in the game. This is the most important thing that you have to do without fail. Each of the resources will be effective for particular tasks therefore you should collect those things. If you are negligent and do not consider the resources, then you will have to face many troubles. In order to avoid those things, you should try and collect the things.

But sometimes you may not able to do that and in that situation you will not be able to continue the game and also you are able to do many things. However, there is a better solution for this problem therefore you can make use of them and get better results. Many Clash Royale Hack tools are available in online today therefore people can prefer and make use of them to learn how to hack clash royale. This will help you to get the resources in the comfortable manner. You can either prefer the online hacking tool or you can simply prefer the offline tools and access them whenever you want to get the resources for your game.